Jumat, 25 Maret 2011

CMOS Password

I create a password system that must be typed in when I turn on the PC, but
I forgot my password so that it can not use a computer. Is there any way
to reset the password?
Password system that we talked about is stored in the CMOS, a small program
regulate various functions on the PC We (See "The Strength of Weak"). Unfortunately, forgetting
CMOS password as the key tossed into a landfill: We
deal with complicated job in sight, and we better hope that no one ever
turn on the computer.
There is no easy way to get the password is lost or forgotten CMOS, we
may try to contact the system manufacturer or the BIOS maker and ask if the PC
has a default password. If not, we have wasted too much time to enter
parts of the system (see box "Go to the System").
Open the system's manual to find the jumpers on the motherboard to reset the password. If
no, look for a jumper to reset the entire contents of CMOS. The last step, we can
remove the small battery on the motherboard that maintains the CMOS settings Kita. But the heart-
careful: Once we reset the CMOS settings, we have to configure it again manually.

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